Marathon for solidarity: Ultrasound Course of the pelvic anatomy

14 maggio 2022

Dear President

Greetings of peace!


We would like to invite you for a meaningful initiative. This year for the second time around we are organizing another Marathon for Solidarity. Last year’s Marathon generated the much needed support for India’s Shanti Ashram helping about 50,000 people in need during the peak of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Even Pope Francis supported us for last year’s event. This year we bring once again the Marathon for Solidarity 2022.We wish again to continue helping India’s Shanti Ashram in its operation and services for the poor, by sharing of effective, creative and innovative initiatives in gynecological ultrasound.


We wish to highlight your contribution on this field in the Marathon.

We want to develop the theme of the sonographic anatomy of the pelvis with 12 speakers from all over the world who will illustrate the ultrasound of a particular anatomical site and show pathological cases related to that site.

Besides these lectures, we would like to involve scientific societies in the field of ultrasound in obstetrics and gynaecology around the world to take part in this Marathon. How can they be involved?

1. First of all, they could give the patronage to the event. The logo will be uploaded to the website.

2. They could also provide great support by sharing the advertisement (in attachment the leaflet with the link for registration and the program). We can offer free registration for residents and for doctors working in low income countries.

3. Additionally, we developed the following idea.

We have prepared a platform with icons of the 12 pelvic sites which could be populated with representative videoclips. In particular, each scientific society in gynaecology could upload on this platform, for each of the 12 sites, the BEST representative video of a normal ultrasound and a pathological ultrasound scan for that site.

We imagine that each society could decide to invite selected members to prepare those clips or to run a competition inviting and encouraging all members to prepare interesting videos; from these videos, your Society may select one video for each pelvic site to represent your scientific organization (the name and the photo of the gynecologyst, author of that video, will be shown in the platform, together with the video). 

This “project” will be launched during the Marathon and it will allow us to have a sort of exhibition of the methodology of trans-vaginal pelvic ultrasound from all over the globe. This platform will remain available together with the lectures given during the Marathon ON DEMAND for 6 months to continue to collect money for solidarity. On November 14th a closing event will take place via webinar (one hour webinar at 12 pm CET) to show the final results of this project.

We hope that you will accept our invitation to take part into this adventure of solidarity with us. 

Do not hesitate to contact us or if you have other doubts and questions, feel free to write to us at the following address:


In attachment the Scientific Program of the Marathon.

Kind regards. Thank you very much!


Antonia Testa

Simona Fragomeni

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